Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just had to show these!

I just had to take pics of our lovely Iris.  The neighbor says they have never been this pretty.  I plan on transplanting them to the new house.  The Yucca are doing very well also.  Don't know how they transplant, so may have to leave them be.  We have decided to terrace the berm, so planting may be a while yet.  Gabby and I are going to plant in the small beds here for now.
I have been working on sewing machines when Gabby is busy or in bed.  We are just overloaded at the present and need to move some of them.  I have three sitting on the longarm table, one on the back patio - all in various stages, some waiting on parts. And I won't even say how many are waiting in line.

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