Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
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Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a long time..

I didn't realize I'd been away so long.  Both Don and I have been ill, Gabby came for a visit, the house is progressing, and on and on.
Let's see, the feral cats are doing well, babies are eating solid food.  One of them is tail less like it's Manx dad.  I am going to try and trap them and get them all fixed.  A local group will help with that, as I have mentioned previously (if my senior brain remembers right).
Looking through some of my fabric tubs, I found a number of charity quilts to be quilted for the Thimbleweeks group in NM.  So I'm trying to get them done in case someone buys the Gammill soon.  The last one is on the machine-but I decided to take today off from quilting, so there it is, just waiting.
Even though I love the old sewing machines (don't ask me how many I have - some are here for repairs) A new Janome MC 11000 now resides in my sewing room.  The upgrades will go on it next week and then I shall start doing embroidery, not just sewing as now.  And a wonderful person gave me her Customizer for it and I can do wonderful things and use the Mega hoop that came with it.  Janome is coming out with a new top of the line and so this machine was a special price-had been the store demo.  I also got a number of DVDs with designs of various types. 
I have been enjoying the small group (Queen Bees) that I belong to that is part of the Prairie Quilt Guild.  The Quilts of Valor bee group is larger and I also enjoy this group.  QOVs are very prolific in their production of quilts for our service men and women. 
My front garden is full of petunias, rose moss, and marigolds.  The tiger lilies were very pretty and just finished blooming. 
At the spring S'mores retreat, I became interested in Zentangles - thanks of our instructor Michelle Watts.  It's something even a non-artist like myself can do, lol.  And no, I'm not going to post any of them yet.  Maybe later, when I am a little more proficient.
I hope to attend the guild fall retreat, the S'mores fall retreat in the Jemez Mtns. in NM, and the Thimbleweeds retreat, which is just the weekend before S'mores in the same  place.
I  will upload some pics later. 

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