Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It has been sooo dry here with cracks in the yard and a struggle to keep flowers alive in 100+ temps.  Probably spoiled some folks outside activities for the holiday weekend, but they will live over it.
Tuesday I take my new Janome 11000 in for its upgrades while our small group "Queen Bees" meets.  I have been waiting to start working on embroidery projects until the upgrades are installed.  This will take the place of the longarm quilting since I'm selling my Gammill.
The feral cats are well; kittens growing fast.  We will start trapping and getting them vetted when the temps lower some. 
Found another Singer #27 treadle yesterday; it's still in the van. It is frozen up, but has more than I paid in parts to salvage.
We went to a new church today for the second time.  Tried one of the Sunday School classes and I think we are going to enjoy this one.  They are just starting a study on "How to Enjoy the Boring Parts of the Bible". I am curious how we will learn to enjoy the "begats".  The class is good about discussion and that is a plus. 
Don wants to get out and go to Sam's.  We are down to one roll of TP and he says that qualifies as a "feminine emergency".  Me, I'd rather wait until it quits raining.  We shall see who wins. 
I got school pics of Gabby this week.  Will have to post one - she is such a cutie.  All my granddaughters are pretty!

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  1. I'd be interested in hearing how to enjoy the 'begats' too. I barely got thru that part a few years ago when I tried to read the Bible in a year. Go get wet! Enjoy the rain fully! TP is important.