Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gee it's cold

Ok, spring can come just any moment, please!!!   It's busily snowing  outside and we are supposed to more than first anticipated along with terrific winds and just bizarre windchill factors.  Schools are already closed for tomorrow. 
But we shopped today and are ready to just wait it out.  Puppies are inside and feral cats are well fed and have found a warm spot.
I finished the Mystery top today for QOV project. This group makes a pillowcase to match, if possible, to send with the quilt so I will get that done tomorrow as well as cutting backing and batting for the quilt.
Stay warm everyone!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Record high in Wichita today

We hit 69 today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s as well.  Then snow next week, lol.  Sarajane and Red had a great time playing outside in the warm sun.  The feral cats were not too happy as they get chased by the little dogs. 
We are still working on getting the Gammill into the house.  Should happen within the next week or so.  Did get all the Christmas boxes out to the shed and moved 3 treadles to the computer room.  I was working on the Singer 101 in the living room and got that project done.
The mystery quilt is progressing nicely.  I want to be sure and have the top done for the next QOV meeting to turn it in. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good morning, all!!

I hope you all have a blessed day.  The Lord is certainly good to Don and I.
Yesterday was exciting as we brought home 2 treadles.  A nice Wheeler and Wilson #9 and an early Davis Low Arm VS.  The WW9 is in pretty good condition and just dusty.  The Davis is extremely dirty, however.
The feral cats are good.  This am the black and white one came out before I got out of sight to eat its breakfast.  I stopped and talked to it for a minute. There will most likely be a litter of kittens to trap this spring  and get shots and fixed. At this point, not sure which one(s) are female.  I certainly hope none of the adults have feline leukemia and have to be put down. 
Today  I plan on working on a QOV.  Don says we need to visit a shop to check for sewing machines.  The two I have to donate are taken, so looking for free or very cheap ones to fix up and donate.  I had forgotten how much I love working on these older machines. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

No Snow

The expected snow did not materialize.  It has been very windy and cold today, however.  Not a good day to be outside.  We went to Sam's early and have stayed inside most of the day.
We worked on getting the  livingroom ready to bring the Gammill in.  Got rid of the big TV and installed a wall mount type, moved the double recliner to the other side of the room.  Now to find a place for the plants and move a few other things.  It will be so good to get to quilting again.
Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The snow is starting to melt!   It's been a long time since I've seen snow cover the ground for this long.
Today is Queen Bees small group meeting.  I'm taking Quilters Stew for lunch.  Will work on my mystery quilt-clue three should get done, I hope.
We've decided to put the Gammill up in the living room.  So we are getting rid of the big old monster TV, already sold a chair and Don is going to put up shelf to sit the flat screen tv upon. 
Yesterday, we picked up a Singer 329K in a cabinet and brought home a Riccar portable that I have already serviced and have a home to send it to.
My Honda is a victim of the icy roads, having split the plastic piece behind the front bumper so it drags the ground.  We will replace it asap.
Feral cats now number four, all noticably feral.  Three are torties (one a manx) and one is black with white paws and some white on its face.  One of the torties is female and is being pursued by the boys-hmmm baby ferals coming. 
Have a blessed day, all!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Very cold today

Still lots of snow and packed snow on neighborhood streets and parking lots.  It was 5 at 8am with a little wind.

The feral cats now number three.  The biggest is a manx. One is a female and she is coming in season.  A group here in town will help me trap them in the spring. 

Since we have been kinda stuck inside, I'm busy sewing on a quilts. 
And that is about the extent of  my "exciting" life these wintery days.  Quilt guild meeting was cancelled yesterday due to weather.  Lots of folks and the kids stayed home. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

My mystery quilt

I am doing a mystery quilt on quiltingboard.com.  Will post the first two clue pics.

Update on feral cat

There are two of them.  The big one, possibly part Maine Coon, it is sooo big.  And now a smaller, black cat.  Saw their tracks in the snow and managed to catch both of them eating the cat food I put out.  That's all I can do for them as they are so feral you can't get anywhere near.  Glimpses of them in the backyard from the windows are all I can catch.


Don got to Dr. and back ok.  Snow is falling again and we may get another 3". 
I've been busy sewing all am on a mystery quilt through quiltingboard.com.  It will be a Quilt of Valor, thus red, white and blue colors.  I saw some fantastic quilts at the QOV meeting Sat.
The feral cat has made a trip through the snow and eaten up all its food.  I shall put some more out soon.  Tracks lead under the shed, but I don't know if that is where it shelters or not. 
My little dogs have decided to stay inside until May, lol.  
Hope everyone is warm and happy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its Snowing !!!

The ground is covered and we are expecting at least 4" by morning.  Don has an early Dr. appt., so we shall see if he gets a call changing it. Our neighbor put salt on the driveway and porch, bless his heart. 
Sunday school and church was good.  We raced home, grabbed a quick bite and headed for Sunflower quilt shop in Derby.  Our BOM for the FarmersWifeSampler meets there and we had a great time.  It started snowing just before we left the shop, so we were glad to get home.
It's been a busy weekend with quilt groups, so no sewing this evening.  Quilt guild is Tuesday; looking forward to that. 
Blessed evening, all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My feral cat

We have a feral cat who makes daily visits.  Cannot get anywhere near it, but it does come and eat the food I put out for it.  I do have water in the laundry room that it can access through the doggy door. Pretty big cat with long hair, mostly black with some tortie patches. I don't know whether I'll ever get to get a pic or not as it runs as soon as you open the back door.   

Good morning!

To all who might read this, have a blessed day.
Been very busy trying to get all caught up after family here for holidays.   Wash is done, decorations down and now I'm way behind on projects. 
I have sold my Singer 431G to a lady in NM; have 2 older machines ready for needy ladies; quilting a table runner for a swap exchange on quiltingboard.com; doing a mystery on same board.
This Saturday is QOV meeting and Sunday afternoon is FarmersWifeSampler BOM at Sunflower Quilts in Derby.
So I guess you could say I've melded into the Wichita quilting folks, lol. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Day

It has been a good day.  Don is 72 today and he has enjoyed his birthday.  I went to our Queen Bee quilt group for a while; took Hoppin John for lunch.
Don and I went to Augusta and I got an old sewing machine and a wonderful portable sewing table for $15.  Sewing machine will be serviced and given away. 
I hope all who read this have had a blessed day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ITS 2011

I hope everyone has  a great start to 2011.  Don and I played Frisbee Golf on the Wii and saw the new year in. 
It is only 11 here this am and will hopefully get to 33.  We will probably spend a quiet day inside, except for a trip to Sears.  Don is getting me a screwdriver he says I need for my sewing machine repair efforts.  We are currently working on an old Wards that is giving us fits with one screw. 
I signed up for a mystery quilt at "quiltingboard.com" and hope to work on that some today. 
My New Year's resolution is to get a lot  of my UFOs finished  and quilted.  We have decided to go ahead and set up the Gammill in the living room here until the new house is done.  That will leave very little space in there.