Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time to check in again.

It's been a busy week for us.  Tuesday, there was the Queen Bees quilting small group.  The girls had a wonderful cheescake birthday cake for me and cards with gift certificates to a quilt and a yarn shop.  They are such a great group of ladies.  Wednesday afternoon, there was knitting at the local yarn shop where I spent my gift certificate, lol.  Thursday, I cleaned house all day; worked myself down to a frazzle!  Friday morning, the fellow who is buying the longarm came over to do a wall hanging for practice on the machine.  Today, I had a meeting at the Kansas Humane Society at 11 and spent a good part of the afternoon planting flowers and moving my indoor plants outside.  And also quilted three quilts on the Gammill this week.  In the evenings, there has been the vest to be knitted upon-seems like I'll never get done.
So tomorrow there is church and just doing some knitting in the afternoon. 
I'm adding some pics; Little Girl, the tamest feral cat; my iris and a quilt that our small group did for Quilts of Valor.  It was recently presented to a veteran at a motorcycle shop in a neighboring town.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Did not get a lot of sleep.  They say we had 97 tornados last night here in Kansas.  Parts of Wichita did not fare as well as we did.  Our county has been declared a disaster area by the Govenor. 
We had extensive rain and some small hail and high wind; it is still dark so don't know how the outside of the house is yet.  I had cut my beautiful Iris and they are safe inside.  The dogs were upset by the thunder and wind. 
We were watching the TV for literally hours to see if we needed to go to shelter; thank goodness we did not have to go there.  The poor TV meterologists have been on duty for hours and hours.  It is now quiet for the first time tonight since the rain started.
There is one small town in Nebraska that is 75% gone; have not heard of the casualties yet. 
Everyone have a great Sunday!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday and my 74th Birthday

Looks like I'm tardy as usual in keeping this blog up to date. 

We are having a wonderful, sunny day here in Kansas.  The yard is so tall from all the rain we may have to get a hay baler to come in and tame it down.
The iris and spirea are blooming a little early this year due to the warm weather and abundant rain.
We had a wonderful brunch and church service this morning.  Our friend Kevin went with us.  Afterwards Don took a pic of me in front of the spirea bush for my  birthday.  He bought me a lovely Fossil purse earlier in the week. 
I shall update my pics today.  I plan to just having a great day and doing almost nothing, lol.
I have six weeks left to get my longarm quilting done before the new owner picks the Gammill up.  And my knitting is progressing nicely with a vest in progress.