Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Busy!!!

Yesterday we went down to  Manchester OK to deliver a sewing machine to an online friend named Mary (It's the 15-91 and #22 cabinet posted).  She was very interesting to talk to and we loved seeing her variety of chickens, goats, peacocks, pea hens and Anatolian Shepherd dogs and puppies.  Her husband Bill was seeing to the pigs and joined us later.  After a great visit, Bill loaded six machines of Mary's that I am going to check out for her into our van. 
(sidebar) I now have two machines in the house I'm working on and nine under the back patio waiting their turn.  I really love working on the oldies.
On the way home our friend Kevin, who is working on our new house, called and we found out that someone had stolen $700 worth of hand tools from the storage container.  Kevin had forgotten to lock it.  So we had to stop by Home Depot and buy  some more.

Speaking of the new house, The foundation people will be there soon to get the work done on the access to the "fraidy hole". We are just about ready to wrap the house prior to the siding placement.   
This am we went to an estate sale and didn't buy a thing.  There was a Singer 2010 Touchtronic in a nice cabinet that they wanted $500 for.  Ridiculous price for a machine that you cannot get replacement circuit boards for unless you find a donor machine.  They really had no idea how to price things for an estate sale. 
Then we went down to Derby to Sunflower Quilts so I could make use of my double points coupon before it expired.  I bought six yards of star fabric for QOVs.  We meandered our way home looking for garage sales, but the cold rainy morning put a damper on them. 
We went by the new house and hung my latest QOV up on the wall so I could get a decent pic. I will post it later. 
We have vegged for the  rest of the day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interesting day

Just little things to spice up the day.  Sue called to see if I still wanted to sell the knitting machine.  She came by and picked it up and a knifty knitter set for her granddaughter to play with this summer.  I also gave her a pillowcase full of tangled yarn I had fluffed up in the dryer and messed up.  She provides yarn to a prison for the inmates to make things to sell.  If I find some yarn at yard sales, I will pick it up for her.  She has a time keeping enough yarn at the prison. 
It is noisy outside due to the city cleaning out the sewer lines (theirs, not ours).  The dogs are restless due to the noise.
I have been trying to find a couple of spool pins for a Pfaff 230-A so I could get it ready to sell.  I also have two more oldies to place and two on the back patio to service and find homes to put them back into use.  Oh, and two to pack for shipment.
It is cloudy here, windy and cold, but no precip.  Perhaps tomorrow we can work in the yard again.  It did not freeze as expected, so the fruit trees are safe.
The feral cats are fat and sassy.  I feed them kitten food with the higher fat content so they will keep warmer.  The female has not had her kittens as of yet. 
I think I need to read some and then get back to sewing.
Have a blessed day, all.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not a nice day !!!

The weather is not great for outside stuff this weekend.  It is presently 37 with a 17mph wind out of the NE and gusts to whatever.  High is supposed to be only 44. And we have freeze warning for the next two nights.  Top that with thunderstorms today and tomorrow afternoon.  There will be no flower planting this day!
On the good side, I will be able to get some quilting done and trim Red, the poodle.  And I could work on old treadle heads if the mood strikes.
I have made my train reservation to ABQ.  Will attend the quilt retreat in the Jemez Mountains and ride back to OKC with my sis.  The next day I fly to FL to pick up Gabby for 3 weeks.  I am sure going to be happy to see her.  Will fly back to OKC and Don will pick us up. 
The two feral tuxedos are still here.  The female is going to bingo soon. And the male manx is still around.  I haven't figured out where he sleeps.  It is time to feed the cats and get some caffeine in the bod.
Have a blessed day, all. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime in KS

Don and I were working in the backyard when the clouds and thunder came rolling in.  Time to go inside and get a bite of supper.  Then the hail started, just tiny, and slowly turned to rain.  The non-bearing pear trees are blooming all over Wichita, as well as a few fruit trees.  Lots of spring blooming all over town; it is quite pretty.
We picked up another Pfaff in a cabinet and a Singer 27 in plain cabinet.  The Singer was a freebie.  The first Pfaff needs spool pins, unique ones, so will wait for that to happen.  The second one goes to a school. The newest treadle waits for TLC.  The Singer 15-91 is sold.
Tomorrow we buy lumber for the house and get some machines packed for shipment. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

More sewing machines

Well, we now have two more machines for the present.  The Singer 15-91 in a #22 cabinet was picked up outside a thrift store beside the dumpster.  She is for sale. After 6 hours of cleaning, here she is. 
The other one, a Pfaff 230 in a large cabinet with chair, may require more time.  Someone painted the cabinet a putrid green back when "antiquing" was the  rage. It does have manual, stitch diagram, accessories.  Don is great at helping me with the electrical stuff and toting home machines.
Otherwise, we are gearing up to finish the house and working on cleaning up the backyard where we now live. 
Thanks to all who read my blog and have a blessed day.   

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainy, cold Sunday

A gloomy day for sure.  We sat up until after midnight last night watching the National Drag Finals.  Don used to build and race pump fuel cars, so he was interested.  Right now he is watching the last day of it on TV.
Yes, we did set the clocks forward to be sure we made it to Sunday School on time.  And afterwards we decided to eat lunch out.  I was supposed to go to Farmers Wife Sampler group at Sunflower Quilts shop in Derby, but decided I was just tired and wished to stay home. 
I did finish a special "mug rug" for a lady who did not receive one at a recent online swap.  Other than that, it is just a lazy afternoon.
The Quilts of Valor meeting was good yesterday.  Almost have 2 tops ready to quilt.  Brought home a sack of Christmas fabrics to make a donation quilt to help raise funds.  The new meeting place is just super, better than the former location.  The pastor even comes in and makes coffee for us.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sunny Day

The sun is shining, albeit a little chilly and windy.  Kansas has so many cloudy days in the winter, it is good to see the sun.
Last night we picked up an older Kenmore sewing machine with  manual and attachments.  Don is helping me to get it cleaned up and then it has a home at one of the schools in a nearby town.
Disappearing 9 patch is the next block for a Quilt of Valor.  I ran out of the background fabric so ordered some online this am.  I'm going to like making this one as the blocks are 12" and this block is fast and easy to construct.
The dogs are eager to go outside and play for a short time in the sun.  Sarajane, having little coat, stays out less than Red.  They  make sure the feral cats know who is boss, lol.  The cats are almost as big as the little dogs so it is funny to see. 
The quilting calls as Don takes a nap.
Have a blessed day, all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet my Singer 301a

Her name is Erma - don't have a clue where I got that name, but she is stuck with it.  After servicing, she is working like a charm.  The case is in good shape except for extreme mustiness.  She is outside in the sun, regaining her normal self.  I found a zipper foot for her and need to order new bed cushions.  I think I can download a  manual.
A side note, I started the day cleaning Erma and then started on a Kenmore 158 series.  She was a freebie and needed lots of attention.  A new bobbin  race, case and bobbin, bobbin winder tire, belt, new power/foot cord combo, good cleaning/lube, and now just need to clean the commutator, find a manual online to download and give her to a new home. 
Lets see, what shall I do this afternoon - sit and sew on a QOV, I think-after finishing the Kenmore. 

It's Going to be a Good Day !!

Have a blessed day, all!!!   We are up and running.  Need to pack a sewing machine for shipment and ship the Singer 101  today.  I hope to load my first quilt on the Gammill and see how the new wheels are.  And will take pics of my new to me Singer 301a black long-bed.  The case is in great shape, just very musty, and is now in the laundry room until I can get it un-mustied, lol. 
The two feral cats-the tuxedos-are now coming out of hiding right after I feed them.  If I stay about 15 feet away they will come on out to eat.  Haven't seen the torties in some time-guess they were males who smelled the girl cooties. 
I am on #19 in the Farmers Wife Sampler quilt.  I need to get started on a QOV, which will probably be a D9P-disappearing 9 patch.  Bought some patriotic fabrics yesterday at Demelia's in Yoder when I picked up my new extension bed for the FW to use in the D9P.