Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas

Now that all the hustle and bustle is over, it's back to ordinary things.  We had a very quiet Christmas; attending communion service Saturday evening and church Sunday am.  I spent most of the afternoon on my embroidery machine, making new towels for the kitchen.  Had one of the come unmounted, so have a slight blurb there. Talked to almost everyone yesterday.  
Gabby wanted to know when I'm coming to see her.  She got lots of stuff.
Today I'm doing several little things to catch up on and then shall do some sewing, perhaps some more embroidery on a couple of kitchen towels and end the day with knitting. 
Have a blessed day, all.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Morning !!

It is raining here in Wichita and the temperature is headed downward.  This afternoon the wind and thunderstorms are predicted.  So we shall do anything outside this am and just hunker down and enjoy the rest of the weather episode.
I'm playing catchup in a Block Of the Month that I have participated in this year.  Next year I'm doing a BOM of Carol Doak's 50 paper pieced stars.  Now I have to audition my stash of fabrics for background fabric and see what I can match up with that for the stars. 
We thought we had solved the possum in the laundry room problem, but now I see another has intruded, or perhaps we just didn't know there was more than one.  Anyway, now Don has to dispose of this one.
We had a really great brunch at church and a good program instead of the regular service.  Saturday night we have a communion service and just church service on Sunday.  I'm glad we are not cancelling Sunday service on Christmas Day.  After all, Christ is what it is all about!!!
I must get busy and try to accomplish something today.
Have a blessed day, everyone!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


I will be mailing out the last package today.  As all my folks live out of state, I have to mail everything unless we are together, which is not the case this year. 
After the long trip to FL, we decided not to drive to AZ for Christmas.
Our small quilting group has it's Christmas party next Tuesday, and it is supposed to snow.  Hopefully, we can still get together.
Most all of my gifts were handmade this year.  It has been a fun and busy time, to say the least.  I do still have to shop for Don and make him a bib (which he has been fussing for).  His birthday is January 4, so I need to shop for both.  But I know what I am looking for, so should be easy.
This Sunday we have a brunch instead of Sunday school and a program instead of the regular service.  We joined this church last week and really like the people there.
Have a blessed day, all.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are home!!

After 3,547 miles, we are back home and some kind of road weary!   The Honda did great and Don did a great job of driving.

Thanksgiving was spent with Gabby, her dad and his family. 

We had a great time all week with Gabby, picking her up on Tuesday and taking her to her church on Sunday. Afterward, grandma Maryann took her on home. 
She had her first tea party with Nanay and it was really fun.  Of course, we had big hats and it was just a blast.  Our camera videoed this event.  Gabby loves computers, coloring and painting. We found the Jumpstart web site and the paint program was just what she loved.  For a four-year-old to stay engrossed for half an hour is pretty amazing.  She is also now a great dog-walker, helping walk the two little dogs with Nanay.
On Tuesday night, we attended the family night for Joe's firefighter school and had supper as well.  Quite a nice display they put on for the families. 
Today we just got out and did some errands before the rainy and mix come in for a couple of days.  I had hoped to start putting out the Christmas yard stuff, but it will have to wait for a couple of days.
It is time to get back to knitting Christmas presents.
Have a blessed evening, all.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

...finds us NOT shopping.  We have been to the park so Gabby could play, had a tea party and spent the day having fun together.  She is watching Charley Brown right now.
Yeaterday we had a great Thanksgiving meal with the McCurdy family at Tiffanie's home.  It was an enjoyable time for us.  Gabby was pretty tired and fell asleep pretty quickly once we started back to the motel. Seems like all the family had a great time wherever they were.
We have discovered she is quite the computer girl.  And she loves to color and paint.  So using Jumpstart on the computer she has found a great place to play. Her power of concentration is just amazing for a 4 year old - when she finds something she likes to do.  
Tomorrow we take Gabby to see Santa at the bookstore where Tiffany works.  We only have two more days with her before we head home and she goes back to school. This week has just flown by.  I'm so glad we had this week together.

Monday, November 21, 2011

We are resting up

...after a 1600+ mile journey of three days. The dogs are checking out the new digs.
Our motel is nice and our stay will be pleasant.  Can't wait to see Gabby tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we will join Joe for the family night at his firefighter school.  They will show off for us what they have learned.
I think our visit will go very quickly and all too soon it will be time to head back home.
Connie called today to tell me Penny's has the brand of clothes I like on sale.  She will spend turkey day with her brother, Jim. And Scott heads for Houston to see his girls and grandbabies tomorrow.
Guess I will get back to my knitting.
Have a blessed evening, all.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not a pretty day

Here in Wichita, it is cold, windy and spitting snow every so often.  I had to get out and get my hair cut - very short now, make a trip by Petsmart to get new collars for dogs and use my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  It was like a shark feeding frenzy at HL.  Was so glad to get out of there and back home.
Sewing, knitting and doing puter stuff is on the agenda for the remainder of today.
Our small group met yesterday.  We were working on Christmas presents. Hand sewing, crocheting, knitting and myself sewing, occupied us until 3pm at Sharon's house (the place we usually meet had given away our day).
Next Tuesday we shall see Gabby.
Have a blessed day, all.

Friday, November 11, 2011


It is here and I'm still on the planet to celebrate this day.  Although I'm just enjoying it by visiting with one of my quilting friends and working on a project together.
I remember back when Liz was small, I just prayed to live to see her graduate high school, since I was 45 when she was born.  And now she is with God and I'm seeing 11-11-11.  I am so thankful my other children are still here.
The program at guild Tuesday was super and the workshop Wednesday was a blast.  Sharon and I gave each other help our the project today.  Although she is a much better artist than I am, I still am enjoying doing something entirely out of my box, portrait by fabric.
I think I shall finish the day with Don watching TV and knitting.
Have a blessed evening, all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Rainy Day

It has drizzled all day but looks some heavier stuff will be moving in soon.  We need to run to the store before it starts.
We had Guild today with a wonderful speaker from OKC who does these fantastic portrait quilts.  I sure hope I enjoy her class tomorrow.  This is totally out of my box, so we shall see.
Last evening, we had a small aftershock.  Don didn't even notice it, but the Italian Greyhound and I surely did.
Hope to do some knitting tonight and finish up a Christmas project.
Good evening, all.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We had an earthquake!!

Last night just before 10pm, the whole house shook; my little Italian Greyhound totally freaked out and I was totally taken aback.  Turning on the TV, I found  out the epicenter was around Prague, OK.   Surprised yes, but frightened, no.  When my time comes to retire from this life, I know where I'm going.
Don got home from his whirlwind drive to Phoenix about 11:30am today.  He is pretty tired; and after a nap we went to Sam's and Walmart as it is going to be stormy the next two days.
The current knitting project is a winter hat for Gabby in pinks, lavenders and blues.  She is going to look very cute in it. 
The decision has been made to go spend Thanksgiving with Gabby and Joe.  It will be an interesting trip; we shall take the dogs. Then we are spending Christmas with Connie and Scott.  All of this is weather permitting as we are driving.
And Fred, the last feral kitten, did get trapped and neutered.  He came back home and was very glad to see me and his family.  Now we have the entire colony neutered/spayed and rabies shots. They  are looking so pretty in their fuzzy and shiny winter coats.
Have a blessed evening everyone!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been a beautiful fall day here in Wichita.  Definitely a hint of chill in the air and 37 this am. 
Don is getting ready to take a trip to AZ and deliver the Crown Vic to my son and bring back his old pickup to fix up.
I'm busy getting Christmas presents done; the faster I go the behinder I get, lol.
We had our first "trunk or treat" at church this evening.  A total of 17 vehicles decorated their trunks or back ends of vans and pickups.  Had lots of candy to hand out to the kids, a bouncy house and hayrack rides.  Don and I had to take a ride as well.  A good time was had by all.
Tomorrow evening we try and trap Fred, the  last of the feral colony to get "fixed".  Hope we succeed with this effort. 
Have a blessed evening, all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great News!!!

When we started the testing on Don's heart, the cardio doc told us he was pretty confident that his heart had wall damage from his "event" 2 years ago and that the artery going down the front wall of his heart was completely blocked.  So yesterday he went in for his followup from the heart cath/stint procedure.  The doc said the artery he thought was totally blocked still had a trickle going through, which prevented the wall from dying.  That is one of the two arteries to get a stint.  He also said he could find no wall damage.  What great news!!  I wonder why he didn't tell us when the procedure was done; perhaps he was just very busy.  Anyway, for there to be no damage from his heart attack 2 years ago is a miracle, and we know Who does miracles!
It is 53 and windy here.  It was either the wind or the possum in the laundry room that woke me up today.  This is supposed to be our high and we should have rain moving in and drop down to 40 tonight.  It is that time of year.
The cats are not using their winter quarters, so I need to move the boxes to a location they will like better.  I would like for them be in the laundry room at night, but I really don't want the possum in there, so I shall have to close the doggy door at night. 
Have a blessed day, all

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Good Day!!

We spent most of the day at a car show sponsored by our church.  One of our friends has a race car that he brought and we spent most of our time sitting at his site.  Lots of interesting cars, motorcycles and one old tractor.  The church ladies had ribs and hamburgers for sale and we had to have some, of course.  The weather was perfect, a little overcast and in the mid 70s. I spent some of the time knitting. 
I have finished my first knitting project in many years.  It is a shrug and you can see the pics here.  I think I shall wear it to church tomorrow. 
Have a blessed Sunday, all.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We have heat!!

Our central heat decided it didn't want to turn on, so for a couple of days we were without.  Don's friend, who has a HVAC business, came and fixed it for us. 
It is now 32 outside at 5am, so I don't think we will have the hard freeze predicted. The plants have been rescued, just in case.  Now I need to make proper room for them to winter in the house.
We went to a lovely place for lunch, the Lotus Leaf Cafe and Creperie.  Their food is mostly organic and very healthy and tastes just wonderful.  They are in old town on Douglas, a couple of doors down from the Twist yarn shop.  And yes, I did visit the yarn shop and got yarn for a project. 
Had the usual great time with the small quilting group "queen bees" on Tuesday.  We are all working like mad on gifts. This is such a lovely group of ladies, most of us in our 70s.  I was totally in shock to learn the going rate for having someone quilt a queen sized quilt is $400.  Perhaps I'll keep my Gammill after all, at least until I get my tops done, even if it is just simple stuff. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

It has been a beautiful day!!

There is a  hint of fall in the air.  High today  in the low 70s.  I love this time of the year.  There are yellow, dark red and rust/yellow mums in the front as well as the last of the rose moss and petunias.  We are planning the flower planting for the burm at the new house. 

Knitting has been the order of the day; working on Christmas presents.  I have to work like crazy to get them all done.  There is a pile waiting for the sewing machine and a quilt loaded on the Gammill ready for it's turn.

Don spent the day hauling top soil for the church with his dump truck.  He is pretty tuckered out this evening.

Have a great weekend, all.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My computer has been in the shop.  The virus on it rapidly replicated itself, shut down my puter completely and destroyed the hard drive.  Fortunately my external backup did not get the virus, so I am back in business.  I did lose all my downloads, particularly my machine embroidery. 
I have been busy knitting a shrug and am almost finished.  Can't wait to try it on.
Our guild spring retreat is next February, so I signed up already. 
My Gammill still has not sold, so I'm busy quilting ufos. 
We took a trip to Minden Nebraska and toured the Pioneer Village there.  Really a neat experience.  A plus was our visit to Burchell's Whitehall Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant.  Absolutely wonderful food!
Have a blessed day, all.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Got a terrible virus on my main computer.  I unplugged my external hard drive backup device as soon as I realized what was happening.  It came through my email and in no time rendered my c: drive unreadable. Attempts to use my virus detector to repair proved impossible, even though it warned me they were there.
 So I don't know whether to try and see if someone can fix it or buy a new one as it is almost four years old.  And also can my backup pics and docs be loaded onto a new computer?
I'm using one of Don's old laptops, an IBM thinkpad that is very slow and I think is on its last legs. 
On a good note, I've been cleaning out storage areas and getting ready to take some stuff to the thrift shop.  We have a good deal of storage in this home, just need to organize it better. 
I hope to load a quilt on the Gammill this afternoon and do several quilts in the coming week.  We shall see how the hands do; I've been awake since 2:30am with them hurting.  Getting old is not for sissies!!
Have a blessed Sunday, all.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow it's been a long time...

..since I posted.  This month has just flown by.  My daughter says I don't post often enough so everyone can keep track in me.  I shall try to do better.

Don has recovered from his heart cath/stints episode.  The difference is truly amazing.  He hates being on pills, but realizes it is a matter of life and death for him. 

We left for New Mexico the middle of the month.  Don brought the rest of my belongings home from NM in a Uhaul and towed the Odyssey behind.  My daughter and son came over from Phoenix to help load the van.  They were a big help.  And Robin and her hubby Dave helped a lot as well.  I stayed and visited with my dear friend Robin and her hubby David.

My sis drove in from OK and we went up into the Jemez (Hummingbird Music Camp) for the fall S'mores quilt retreat.  From Thursday afternoon until noon Sunday-we had a total blast!!!  Sis  and I drove to Amarillo Sunday afternoon.  Monday am we went on to OKC and Don drove down from Wichita to pick me up and we came on home.  I went to bed at 8:50 and slept until 6am.  My bed felt sooo good.

While at retreat, I got five UFOs ready to quilt and start a strip quilt for a Chrismas present.  I really didn't spend too much money at the quilt shops in ABQ, so I only  have a couple of new projects to do.  And I'm not telling how many UFOs I still need to quilt.

So now we are trying to figure out how to fit three households into one small house.  Right now there is just a path.  Some of the big items are at the construction site of the new house. 

Today we had to go renew our car tags-stood in line forever.  And then a trip to Sam's for stuff-always needs more of that. 

So I'm behinder than before and will try to catch up on the important stuff.
Have a blessed day, all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a great week!

Here it is Saturday already!  The days fly by soo fast.  Soon we'll be celebrating the Holidays.
Yesterday was the second class for machine embroidery gals.  All of us are new to this craft.  I'm the only one with a Janome.  Everyone else has a Babylock of some kind.  We put a design on a knit tee.  I managed to hoop mine upside down.  So I just flipped the design and went on.  I worked out well.  There is much to learn.
Haven't decided what I'll do today.  Need to work on a treadle and so some Farmers Wife blocks.  At least my life is never boring.
Weatherwise, we set two records this  week; most triple digit days since 1936 and 108 for two days-guess that is three records.
We are looking forward to going to the casita soon and the quilt retreat.  I am going to need to get someone to feed the feral cats.  I'm pretty sure our friend Kevin will do that for us.  He's pretty good to house/pet sit.
Have a blessed day all!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Good Morning

It is cloudy with a few small showers this am.  We will take the rain and cooler temps gladly!
Don is doing very well after his heart cath/stint procedure last week.  He is busy trying to find the best place to buy the expensive Plavix, lol.
I finally took pics of my feral cats; two of which I can pick up.  Not the best poses, but you do what you can with these ferals. 
My sewing room is priority today with a block I need to get done and mailed for a monthly block swap.  Also need to plan what to take to the quilt retreat in NM next month.  Bought some books for Don to read and the stinker is already reading them. Oh well, a trip to the library needs to be undertaken.  He reads a books a day when he has them. 
I hope all enjoy the pics of the feral cats and have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great News!!

Don had his heart cath this am.  He had two blockages at 90 and 99%, so they did two stints.  He will come home tomorrow.  Blood pressure was really high, so they have given meds to bring that into line.
And doc says he can go to Corrales next month.
I'm very tired; been up since 3:30am.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello from hot again Kansas

Hello all!!!   Another hot hot day in Wichita.
I spent the morning out on the patio working on treadles.  Will send three on to new homes this coming weekend.
Thursday and Friday will be busy with Don's heart cath and getting back home on Friday.  At least that is what we are praying happens.  If he has to have a bypass(s) they will reschedule for surgery.
Yesterday, the feral mama cat went in for spay and rabies shot at the Kansas Humane Society.  We trapped her Sunday evening.  This coming weekend we shall try to trap the four kittens and poppa cat and have the same done to them.  The KHS sets aside this coming Sunday to spay and neuter all the felines that Friends for Felines can trap.  No more kitties here, we hope.
I have recovered from the guild retreat last week.  Had a lot of fun and even got some things accomplished.  We had a record number of ladies attend.
We need to run errands this afternoon and I hope to post pics of the retreat and the machines I am rehoming.
Have a blessed day!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been at quilt retreat during the days, at least after Don's visit to the cardio doctor.  We are having a blast; and some of us are getting something done besides talking, lol.  Today I won a t-shirt that says " My husband said I could buy all the fabric I can hide."  I know, it's only funny to quilters.
Another of those 100+ days today - and yesterday.  I surely hope the winter is not as cold as it has been hot this summer.  Perish the thought!!!
I have a brand new great granddaughter as of  Tuesday.  Danielle was born weighing 7 lbs.  She lives with her family in Houston.  That makes three great greats!!!  Am I really THAT old?????

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

It has been in the low 90s here today.  So much better than triple digits we have had.
Went to SS and Church and then came home to get a quick lunch and head on down to Sunflower Quilts in Derby for Farmer's Wife quilt group.  Had a great time. 
Tuesday we go to the cardio doc for Don.  They called and said the Dr. was not pleased with his stress test and wanted to talk to him about it.  We both know he is getting worse, so I hope the Dr. has a plan of action soon.
Tuesaday is the first day for quilt retreat, so I'm trying to find out if I can get to Hesson early enough to set up and be back in town for the Dr. appt.  So we shall see.
Have a blessed week, all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Day, all

We have clouds; rained most of the night and morning.  It was 67 around 10am!!!   What a relief from the terrible heat of past days.
Yesterday I picked up a Singer 15-75 in great condition.  Today I turned it into a treadle to use for bobbin work.  The electric components are headed overseas to a friend.
The Singer 401A is being loaned to a friend who just retired from teaching.  She wants to learn to sew and this machine is just the ticket for her-at least I think so.
Yesterday was also quilt guild day.  The guild library had a book/magazine sale and I picked up three books for $3 each.  What a buy!
It will soon be time to go get DH's pickup.  It has been in the shop for a new transmission - ugh $$$.   The clouds are still with us, but not raining at the present moment. 
Some days I just hate computers.  I have a new program associated with my Janome sewing/emb. machine and was trying to download a couple of files.  I guess what I really dislike is VISTA.  What a royal pain!!!!  Anyway, I still can't link the files to the program, thanks to Vista.   Somehow, I shall trudge on and win over the stupid vista. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Day To All

It is not 100+ right now!!!!!!     Did get to 112 yesterday.  My daughter is in town working and she says it is hotter than her hometown of Phoenix!!!  Bummer
We are awaiting the results of Don's stress test/heart pics.  Probably won't know anything until next week.
Our small group, Queen Bees, met yesterday and we made further plans for our trip to the AQS show in Des Moines next month.  Our registrations are in and hotel reservations taken care of.  We hope that Sharon's applique whimsey quilt places.
The feral cats are feeling the heat, all are slim and the kittens don't eat at noon.  We will start trapping them the end of August to neuter/spay/shots.  I need to take pics.
Don's Ford Crown Vic is going to Phoenix to my son Scott.  His '89 Ford pickup is coming here.  We have all sorts of parts to make the pu a real bad truck.  At least that is what Don says, lol.
I've spent the morning trying to learn MyThreadBox; adding my stash to the database.  I need to upgrade, but need to get an email from them so I  can register the copy I have now.  I have realized that I do not have any of the colors I need for a Christmas project.  Oh shucks!  Now I must go shopping!!   lol

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not so hot today!

It is only 103 today after rain yesterday.  The grass has a little green here and there.
I have been working on adding emblishment to the little dog machine applique BOM and getting the machine embroidery BOM of a dragon and tattoos done for the same lady.  I had to rehoop the dragon and put the 3rd tattoo on; don't recommend that. Pics on both here. So much to learn in both processes.
We picked up a Pfaff 130 treadle in a parlor cabinet yesterday.  It was bought in Germany in the late 70s and brought back across the pond.  There is a lady in Springfield, MO who wants it or a man in NM.  Either way, I think it has a home.
I think I shall do some work on the machine embroidery  with a little picture of a gal quilting.  Small, it would make a good ornament of some kind.
Have a blessed day, all!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another hot hot day

It was 111 yesterday and hope it is a bit cooler today.  Rain possible late tonight.  We are just trying to stay inside as much as possible.  Leaves are falling from all the trees-you would think it is fall. 
Will get results from Don's sonogram hopefully tomorrow am.  Cardiologist says the front wall of his heart no longer functions and the artery that goes down the front wall is totally blocked.  So we will see what else shows up and go from there.
On the good side, my first applique - at least in many years- is done.  A little Chihuahua for a Block of the Month exchange.  Learned a lot. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


There is even a chance we will have rain!!!!  How wonderful that would be.  It was 106 here today.
Don went to a farm sale and bought  enough board feet of black walnut to trim the interior of the house including cabinets. I stayed home and detailed the inside of the Crown Victoria, since someone was coming to look at it.  But they didn't buy it.
So we are both tired.  We have to tarp the wood down and go get a Braum's twist cone (mandatory on the twist, lol)
We have been slacking on the sewing machine repair, but hope to get back on it next week.  We have an interesting older White to work on and a Necchi to get ready for someone in North OK.
Looking forward to Church tomorrow. Have a blessed day, all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another scorching day

It is 105 right now here in Wichita. Been hot so long the concrete is  starting to curl, lol.
We went to look at some black walnut wood for sale.  DH  wants to trim the interior of the house in it and there is some up for auction tomorrow.  A friend of his did this and I mean it is some georgeous trim. 
No word on the Don's test results yet. Tried to call Dr.'s office and they are closed on Fri afternoons.
Oh my, a cloud covered the sun for 8 seconds!!  Dare we hope for rain???
Hope all have a blessed evening and stay cool.        

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So far this week...

Yesterday our small group, Queen Bees, met to yak and sew.  We are planning a trip to Demoines IA in Sept.  So will not be at the Thimbleweeds fall retreat. Today Don went to Dr. to see about his fatigue symptoms.  Dr. was not happy with EKG. It shows he has had a heart attack in the last 2 years.  If his heart enzymes are up, it's straight to the heart cath lab asap.  He has appt. with cardiologist next Tues. if his enzymes are not up significantly.
We are trying to outlast the heat and not get out any more than we have to.  The yard is crunchy brown. 
I have been trying to sell my Gammill; hope it sells soon. Here are some pics.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Things are busy around here.  Got packages off to several folks, including overseas.  The Bernina sold with 24 hours of listing on CL.  No calls on the longarm, but the market is pretty small, lol.
The east side of town got a good rain but we only got 17.5 drops.  It is partly cloudy, so hopefully we get rain before the day is done.  Clouds may keep temps under 105 today.
House is coming along slowly.  With the triple digit temps, no work is done during the middle of the day. 
One of my friends in the Queen Bees group does lovely applique and I'm toying more and more with the idea of trying machine applique.  No needle turn for this gal - hands are too shot.
We went to an estate sale this am looking at sewing machines.  The two were old electrics and priced really high; as if we needed more, lol.
Now to get busy.  Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Day

Working on sewing machines today and getting stuff packed up to ship.  The Singer 66 is ready to pack for overseas.  The Bernina Bernette is up for sale on CL.  Will put aqua Singer up later and get started on refurbishing another machine. 
Yesterday, we broke a heat record at 111.  Today will probably be almost as hot if not so.  My poor flowers are struggling; have to water nightly. 
Here are pics of the 66 and Bernina.
Hope all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Nuther hot day !!!

It is now 107 at our house.  Gee what is August going to be like??  We are trying our best to stay cool.  And the water bill is going up up up.
Had to get out and mail packages, take my Janome11000 in for her upgrades, get some molasses at WalMart to soak rusted machine parts in for rust removal and also had lunch out as well.
I need to upate my pics, but just don't have the "want tos" at this point.
SaraJane, the Italian Greyhound, survived another firecracker noise holiday.  She is terrified of thunder and fireworks.  I have to go outside with her or she just freaks.  Red, the toy poodle, is not affected at all.
Since Gabby won't be back to see Na-nay until next summer - and by then we should be in the new house - I'm taking down her bed and turning that room into my sewing room-not just using part of the room for my sewing.  Oh, how nice is that!!!
Been busy the last hour or so answering questions on the Singer 401a I have for sale.  Should have a buyer today.
You all stay cool and have a blessed day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It has been sooo dry here with cracks in the yard and a struggle to keep flowers alive in 100+ temps.  Probably spoiled some folks outside activities for the holiday weekend, but they will live over it.
Tuesday I take my new Janome 11000 in for its upgrades while our small group "Queen Bees" meets.  I have been waiting to start working on embroidery projects until the upgrades are installed.  This will take the place of the longarm quilting since I'm selling my Gammill.
The feral cats are well; kittens growing fast.  We will start trapping and getting them vetted when the temps lower some. 
Found another Singer #27 treadle yesterday; it's still in the van. It is frozen up, but has more than I paid in parts to salvage.
We went to a new church today for the second time.  Tried one of the Sunday School classes and I think we are going to enjoy this one.  They are just starting a study on "How to Enjoy the Boring Parts of the Bible". I am curious how we will learn to enjoy the "begats".  The class is good about discussion and that is a plus. 
Don wants to get out and go to Sam's.  We are down to one roll of TP and he says that qualifies as a "feminine emergency".  Me, I'd rather wait until it quits raining.  We shall see who wins. 
I got school pics of Gabby this week.  Will have to post one - she is such a cutie.  All my granddaughters are pretty!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a long time..

I didn't realize I'd been away so long.  Both Don and I have been ill, Gabby came for a visit, the house is progressing, and on and on.
Let's see, the feral cats are doing well, babies are eating solid food.  One of them is tail less like it's Manx dad.  I am going to try and trap them and get them all fixed.  A local group will help with that, as I have mentioned previously (if my senior brain remembers right).
Looking through some of my fabric tubs, I found a number of charity quilts to be quilted for the Thimbleweeks group in NM.  So I'm trying to get them done in case someone buys the Gammill soon.  The last one is on the machine-but I decided to take today off from quilting, so there it is, just waiting.
Even though I love the old sewing machines (don't ask me how many I have - some are here for repairs) A new Janome MC 11000 now resides in my sewing room.  The upgrades will go on it next week and then I shall start doing embroidery, not just sewing as now.  And a wonderful person gave me her Customizer for it and I can do wonderful things and use the Mega hoop that came with it.  Janome is coming out with a new top of the line and so this machine was a special price-had been the store demo.  I also got a number of DVDs with designs of various types. 
I have been enjoying the small group (Queen Bees) that I belong to that is part of the Prairie Quilt Guild.  The Quilts of Valor bee group is larger and I also enjoy this group.  QOVs are very prolific in their production of quilts for our service men and women. 
My front garden is full of petunias, rose moss, and marigolds.  The tiger lilies were very pretty and just finished blooming. 
At the spring S'mores retreat, I became interested in Zentangles - thanks of our instructor Michelle Watts.  It's something even a non-artist like myself can do, lol.  And no, I'm not going to post any of them yet.  Maybe later, when I am a little more proficient.
I hope to attend the guild fall retreat, the S'mores fall retreat in the Jemez Mtns. in NM, and the Thimbleweeds retreat, which is just the weekend before S'mores in the same  place.
I  will upload some pics later. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just had to show these!

I just had to take pics of our lovely Iris.  The neighbor says they have never been this pretty.  I plan on transplanting them to the new house.  The Yucca are doing very well also.  Don't know how they transplant, so may have to leave them be.  We have decided to terrace the berm, so planting may be a while yet.  Gabby and I are going to plant in the small beds here for now.
I have been working on sewing machines when Gabby is busy or in bed.  We are just overloaded at the present and need to move some of them.  I have three sitting on the longarm table, one on the back patio - all in various stages, some waiting on parts. And I won't even say how many are waiting in line.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Home at last!!

I had a wonderful time in the Jemez Mtns. at the S'mores Quilt Retreat.  Michelle Watts was our teacher.  We did a mystery quilt and most got the top done except for borders.  As this is the 10th year for the S'mores retreats, we got extra goodies from Cindy and Phoebe.
I managed to acquire 2 more machines, a Necchi and a Singer 401.  The Necchi had to stay in Corrales as there was simply no more room in my sis's van.  It is truly amazing how much stuff we need for retreat.  DH got a freebie, Singer touch and swear model 640.  It cleaned up nice, but needs a slide plate and 5 prong cord.
Gabby did very well on the plane trip from Orlando to OKC.  She slept all the way home to Wichita.  We are having a great time with her.  She is such a smart, lively little girl.  It is hard to believe that she turns 4 this month.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Windy, chilly day!

We even had a few, maybe 14, sprinkles.  Right now the sun is shining, but it is chilly in the casita.
Got together with quilting friends here in ABQ today. We ate lunch and then most of us went shop hopping to quilt and knitting shops. 
Tonight I have to get my TOBE blocks done as tomorrow there may not be time and I really need to mail them tomorrow.
Got a Necchi machine (without power cord) for $10 at a thrift shop.  They had several oldies, but someone had way overpriced them. So that makes two machines to take back home.  Don will have the van more filled than he expected, lol. 
Tomorrow Mary (my sis) heads out here from OKC and Thursday we head for the Jemez Mountains for the S'Mores quilt retreat, which is always a blast.  Michelle Watts is our instructor for a mystery quilt.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Day to All

It is a chilly, cloudy day here in Corrales, with some but not bad wind.
Jim and Josh came in yesterday and Jim is out doing yard work.
I have been watering plants and cutting out quilt fabic for the Advanced TOBE.  I had to take some spring pics, so here they are.  Sadly, the big rosemary bush, and the Mexican elders did not make the winter.  It was the coldest winter in 50 years here in Corrales.
Have a blessed day, all.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Having a ball in NM

I have been so busy!  Robin and I have had lots of fun.  One day we shop hopped, visiting several quilt shops.  Yesterday we sewed on a quilt top for a display on the class she is teaching next month.  The Thimbleweeds group has their spring inhouse retreat yesterday and today, so we sewed there.  Today Robin has to work at the LQS, so I will use her car and sew at the retreat. 
Everyone have a blessed Good Friday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm in New Mexico

It was a great train trip  from Kansas to ABQ.  Left Newton at 1:45am and arrived in ABQ at 3:55pm yesterday.  Sandra and Dick picked me up at the station and we stopped by Quilts Ole to say hello before going to the casita.  Robin  had to teach a class, so her folks were kind enough to meet me at the Amtrak station.
I'm doing my Spring advanced TOBE blocks on the White treadle you see pictured.  She sews very well and it's a lot of fun. 
Don stayed home to work on the house and take care of the dogs.  So we neither one slept well last night.  Tonight we will probably  be tired enough to get a good sleep, I hope.
Tomorrow I get my hair done and we will go to some quilt shops and try to stay out of trouble (darn). 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up

I had no idea I had not posted for so long.  Let's see if I can remember what all I've been doing.
My birthday was good. Don bought me a stationary recumbant bike.  We drove to Russellville, AR to meet some folks who do flea markets for fun.  They had three treadles (a Singer 27, a Damascus and a Velox-made by National) that we loaded into the van and brought home.  We took the dogs with us and had to leave them in the van that night as the online info was incorrect in saying they were pet friendly.  There was a great steakhouse next door to the motel, so we had a great supper.  Back home on Saturday, 8 hrs each way, whew!
The house is progressing slowly.  Don has hired another guy to help with the heavy stuff.
Today we went garage saling and I will post pics.  This sewing machine thing is getting out of control.  Don is getting into the fun of fixing them up and he does all the electrical stuff.
I leave 2:55am Monday morning for ABQ and the casita.  Then the last weekend of the month my sis comes out from OKC and we go to a wonderful quilt retreat in the Jemez Mtns.  On the first we head back to OKC and the 3rd I fly out of OKC toward FL to pick up Gabby and bring her home for a visit.  Don will pick us up in OKC on the 4th. I'm so looking forward to seeing her turn 4 while she is here. We will meet at Mike and Leslie's for her birthday party. 
And I'm making blocks on the Damascus in the top picture and also using the Red Eye HC for a Treadleon TOBE  swap.
I have two QOV tops ready to take to the meeting.  I need to take pics and post them. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great day for a trip

We made a run up to the Cox's north of Topeka to pick up parts for the Mason treadle and view their vintage sewing machine collection.  Sandy has a wonderful collection of all the different Featherweights and a 222 as well.  Also, they have some great treadles.  Mr. Cox works on Featherweights and is quite gifted in making stained glass items as well.
After a great visit, we came home the back roads, which we always enjoy.  The day was perfect and now we are just vegging out and watching TV.
Had a call from a lady wanting to me to help her sell her celery-colored Featherweight. I'm sure we can find her a buyer. 
I hope all had a wonderful day as well.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Busy!!!

Yesterday we went down to  Manchester OK to deliver a sewing machine to an online friend named Mary (It's the 15-91 and #22 cabinet posted).  She was very interesting to talk to and we loved seeing her variety of chickens, goats, peacocks, pea hens and Anatolian Shepherd dogs and puppies.  Her husband Bill was seeing to the pigs and joined us later.  After a great visit, Bill loaded six machines of Mary's that I am going to check out for her into our van. 
(sidebar) I now have two machines in the house I'm working on and nine under the back patio waiting their turn.  I really love working on the oldies.
On the way home our friend Kevin, who is working on our new house, called and we found out that someone had stolen $700 worth of hand tools from the storage container.  Kevin had forgotten to lock it.  So we had to stop by Home Depot and buy  some more.

Speaking of the new house, The foundation people will be there soon to get the work done on the access to the "fraidy hole". We are just about ready to wrap the house prior to the siding placement.   
This am we went to an estate sale and didn't buy a thing.  There was a Singer 2010 Touchtronic in a nice cabinet that they wanted $500 for.  Ridiculous price for a machine that you cannot get replacement circuit boards for unless you find a donor machine.  They really had no idea how to price things for an estate sale. 
Then we went down to Derby to Sunflower Quilts so I could make use of my double points coupon before it expired.  I bought six yards of star fabric for QOVs.  We meandered our way home looking for garage sales, but the cold rainy morning put a damper on them. 
We went by the new house and hung my latest QOV up on the wall so I could get a decent pic. I will post it later. 
We have vegged for the  rest of the day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interesting day

Just little things to spice up the day.  Sue called to see if I still wanted to sell the knitting machine.  She came by and picked it up and a knifty knitter set for her granddaughter to play with this summer.  I also gave her a pillowcase full of tangled yarn I had fluffed up in the dryer and messed up.  She provides yarn to a prison for the inmates to make things to sell.  If I find some yarn at yard sales, I will pick it up for her.  She has a time keeping enough yarn at the prison. 
It is noisy outside due to the city cleaning out the sewer lines (theirs, not ours).  The dogs are restless due to the noise.
I have been trying to find a couple of spool pins for a Pfaff 230-A so I could get it ready to sell.  I also have two more oldies to place and two on the back patio to service and find homes to put them back into use.  Oh, and two to pack for shipment.
It is cloudy here, windy and cold, but no precip.  Perhaps tomorrow we can work in the yard again.  It did not freeze as expected, so the fruit trees are safe.
The feral cats are fat and sassy.  I feed them kitten food with the higher fat content so they will keep warmer.  The female has not had her kittens as of yet. 
I think I need to read some and then get back to sewing.
Have a blessed day, all.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not a nice day !!!

The weather is not great for outside stuff this weekend.  It is presently 37 with a 17mph wind out of the NE and gusts to whatever.  High is supposed to be only 44. And we have freeze warning for the next two nights.  Top that with thunderstorms today and tomorrow afternoon.  There will be no flower planting this day!
On the good side, I will be able to get some quilting done and trim Red, the poodle.  And I could work on old treadle heads if the mood strikes.
I have made my train reservation to ABQ.  Will attend the quilt retreat in the Jemez Mountains and ride back to OKC with my sis.  The next day I fly to FL to pick up Gabby for 3 weeks.  I am sure going to be happy to see her.  Will fly back to OKC and Don will pick us up. 
The two feral tuxedos are still here.  The female is going to bingo soon. And the male manx is still around.  I haven't figured out where he sleeps.  It is time to feed the cats and get some caffeine in the bod.
Have a blessed day, all. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime in KS

Don and I were working in the backyard when the clouds and thunder came rolling in.  Time to go inside and get a bite of supper.  Then the hail started, just tiny, and slowly turned to rain.  The non-bearing pear trees are blooming all over Wichita, as well as a few fruit trees.  Lots of spring blooming all over town; it is quite pretty.
We picked up another Pfaff in a cabinet and a Singer 27 in plain cabinet.  The Singer was a freebie.  The first Pfaff needs spool pins, unique ones, so will wait for that to happen.  The second one goes to a school. The newest treadle waits for TLC.  The Singer 15-91 is sold.
Tomorrow we buy lumber for the house and get some machines packed for shipment. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

More sewing machines

Well, we now have two more machines for the present.  The Singer 15-91 in a #22 cabinet was picked up outside a thrift store beside the dumpster.  She is for sale. After 6 hours of cleaning, here she is. 
The other one, a Pfaff 230 in a large cabinet with chair, may require more time.  Someone painted the cabinet a putrid green back when "antiquing" was the  rage. It does have manual, stitch diagram, accessories.  Don is great at helping me with the electrical stuff and toting home machines.
Otherwise, we are gearing up to finish the house and working on cleaning up the backyard where we now live. 
Thanks to all who read my blog and have a blessed day.   

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainy, cold Sunday

A gloomy day for sure.  We sat up until after midnight last night watching the National Drag Finals.  Don used to build and race pump fuel cars, so he was interested.  Right now he is watching the last day of it on TV.
Yes, we did set the clocks forward to be sure we made it to Sunday School on time.  And afterwards we decided to eat lunch out.  I was supposed to go to Farmers Wife Sampler group at Sunflower Quilts shop in Derby, but decided I was just tired and wished to stay home. 
I did finish a special "mug rug" for a lady who did not receive one at a recent online swap.  Other than that, it is just a lazy afternoon.
The Quilts of Valor meeting was good yesterday.  Almost have 2 tops ready to quilt.  Brought home a sack of Christmas fabrics to make a donation quilt to help raise funds.  The new meeting place is just super, better than the former location.  The pastor even comes in and makes coffee for us.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sunny Day

The sun is shining, albeit a little chilly and windy.  Kansas has so many cloudy days in the winter, it is good to see the sun.
Last night we picked up an older Kenmore sewing machine with  manual and attachments.  Don is helping me to get it cleaned up and then it has a home at one of the schools in a nearby town.
Disappearing 9 patch is the next block for a Quilt of Valor.  I ran out of the background fabric so ordered some online this am.  I'm going to like making this one as the blocks are 12" and this block is fast and easy to construct.
The dogs are eager to go outside and play for a short time in the sun.  Sarajane, having little coat, stays out less than Red.  They  make sure the feral cats know who is boss, lol.  The cats are almost as big as the little dogs so it is funny to see. 
The quilting calls as Don takes a nap.
Have a blessed day, all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet my Singer 301a

Her name is Erma - don't have a clue where I got that name, but she is stuck with it.  After servicing, she is working like a charm.  The case is in good shape except for extreme mustiness.  She is outside in the sun, regaining her normal self.  I found a zipper foot for her and need to order new bed cushions.  I think I can download a  manual.
A side note, I started the day cleaning Erma and then started on a Kenmore 158 series.  She was a freebie and needed lots of attention.  A new bobbin  race, case and bobbin, bobbin winder tire, belt, new power/foot cord combo, good cleaning/lube, and now just need to clean the commutator, find a manual online to download and give her to a new home. 
Lets see, what shall I do this afternoon - sit and sew on a QOV, I think-after finishing the Kenmore. 

It's Going to be a Good Day !!

Have a blessed day, all!!!   We are up and running.  Need to pack a sewing machine for shipment and ship the Singer 101  today.  I hope to load my first quilt on the Gammill and see how the new wheels are.  And will take pics of my new to me Singer 301a black long-bed.  The case is in great shape, just very musty, and is now in the laundry room until I can get it un-mustied, lol. 
The two feral cats-the tuxedos-are now coming out of hiding right after I feed them.  If I stay about 15 feet away they will come on out to eat.  Haven't seen the torties in some time-guess they were males who smelled the girl cooties. 
I am on #19 in the Farmers Wife Sampler quilt.  I need to get started on a QOV, which will probably be a D9P-disappearing 9 patch.  Bought some patriotic fabrics yesterday at Demelia's in Yoder when I picked up my new extension bed for the FW to use in the D9P.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Today Don installed my new EZ glide wheels.  Oh my, does it make a difference!  I had the original wheels on it and they were overdue for replacement.  I can hardly wait to load a quilt!!!!!  Perhaps Wednesday as I have Queen Bee group meeting tomorrow. 
It has been a sunny day and I found one lone crocus blooming - a bright yellow.  Surely spring is not too far away.  My favorite time of the year - except for the storms. 
When we brought the old Mason treadle home, there was a tiny oil can in one drawer.  Don got it open for me and is it cute and only 3/5" tall.  Will post a pic.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time to update

Seems like I've neglected to post for a few days.  So here goes. 
Valentine's Day was great!  Don bought me some Este Lauder and a gave me a most wonderful card.  We went to lunch in Yoder at Carriage Crossing and I also visited Demelia's Quilt Shop while at Yoder.  I ordered an acrylic extension table for my Featherweight. 
We have been busy getting the longarm into the house and setup.  Still need to change out the wheels and then  load the first quilt.  I am excited about that!
Weather has been mostly cloudy, stormy with hail today.  First decent rain in several months, though.  We spent most of the day inside, getting out to go to Braum's for a Twist,  lol.
As far as quilting goes, I  have been trying to catch up for the "Farmers Wife Sampler" blocks.  Got three done today.  Also am learning EQ6 and doing pretty well at that. 
Don and I are well and full of mischief, lol.  We have been doing some sewing machine hunting in order to provide a machine to a school.  When I get the Brother we got for free yesterday up and running, we shall get it to the school.  Have a buyer for the Singer 500a, I think.  Have to get it packed up and ready to go.  I'm about three treadles behind in working on those.  Lots of grime and gunk to remove on the heads and the cabinets need TLC.
The dogs are just vegging out until spring.  Feral cats are down to two tuxedos, one I am pretty sure is going to be a mama. 
Have a blessed week, all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy weekend ahead

Good day all!!!   Today is our Quilts of Valor Bee group meeting.  We are at a new location for the next year or so.  This one is much closer to the house than the other one.  I will have two quilt tops to turn in today.  They will be sent to a quilter, returned to the group for binding and then sent out.  We make presentation pillowcases to go with each quilt.   I got up early this am to get some fabrics together to take to the meeting.  A couple of the bright blues are bleeding badly in the wash, so I'm trying to get that issue solved.  Also, the Hoppin' John needs to be started.
Tomorrow afternoon is Farmers Wife Sampler group meeting at Sunflower Quilts in Derby.  I do not have my blocks ready, so will try to get my act together somewhat this evening if I'm not too tired from the all day QOV meeting.  With church in the am, I'll have no time to do any prep work for the blocks.

We got up to 40 here in Wichita yesterday, which improved the streets greatly.  Next week we are supposed to get to around 60!   YES!!!!     Early in the week we set a record low of -17 for that day.  Oh to be in NM now!
Robin, it was great to talk to you!!!  Can't wait to see you at retreat!!  Mary and I are coming with  bells on!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We have lots of big flakes and wind.  Maybe by June we will have nooo snow!!!   Our quilt guild was cancelled for the second month in a row.  Our speakers were coming in from Kansas City and they opted out. 

Sunday afternoon we drove to Lucas and picked up a treadle.  It needs a good cleaning and some Old English.  Yesterday we picked up an old Montgomery Ward portable.  After servicing, one of Don's friends came by and picked it up so his wife could take it to the school where she teaches. 

Today I'm working on "mug rugs" for a swap.  Don is watching westerns and the snow, lol.  The feral cats are warm and have full tummies, while Red and Sarajane are just hanging out. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is -7 here at 7:45 am, not counting wind chill.  Don is supposed to set up for a "guy thing" swap meet today, but cannot get the loader to start as the diesel has gelled and battery is down.  So unless he can get guys to help him load the trailer, he will miss the swap for the first time in over 30 years.
We did manage to get out and to the bank and PO.  I had to mail three books to gals on  paperbackswap.com that I joined.  
Now I'm working on a UFO from 2006, lol.  Only 48 blocks and I'm over half way.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard in Wichita

We have been in blizzard conditions for 18 hours now.  Wind has gusted to over 40 mph and at time you could only see 2 blocks.  Windchills are dangerous.  Lots of drifts so the overall snow depth doesn't look like  much. We don't have any ice, so hopefully our power won't go out.  The city is basically in shut down mode.
We have just vegged all day, except I  had to go out and give the feral cats their food.  I fed them kitten food as it has more fat content to help them keep warm. 
The 6pm news said we get another round of snow this coming Sunday but will not be  blizzard type. 
OK, now back to sewing on a UFO. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gee it's cold

Ok, spring can come just any moment, please!!!   It's busily snowing  outside and we are supposed to more than first anticipated along with terrific winds and just bizarre windchill factors.  Schools are already closed for tomorrow. 
But we shopped today and are ready to just wait it out.  Puppies are inside and feral cats are well fed and have found a warm spot.
I finished the Mystery top today for QOV project. This group makes a pillowcase to match, if possible, to send with the quilt so I will get that done tomorrow as well as cutting backing and batting for the quilt.
Stay warm everyone!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Record high in Wichita today

We hit 69 today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s as well.  Then snow next week, lol.  Sarajane and Red had a great time playing outside in the warm sun.  The feral cats were not too happy as they get chased by the little dogs. 
We are still working on getting the Gammill into the house.  Should happen within the next week or so.  Did get all the Christmas boxes out to the shed and moved 3 treadles to the computer room.  I was working on the Singer 101 in the living room and got that project done.
The mystery quilt is progressing nicely.  I want to be sure and have the top done for the next QOV meeting to turn it in. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good morning, all!!

I hope you all have a blessed day.  The Lord is certainly good to Don and I.
Yesterday was exciting as we brought home 2 treadles.  A nice Wheeler and Wilson #9 and an early Davis Low Arm VS.  The WW9 is in pretty good condition and just dusty.  The Davis is extremely dirty, however.
The feral cats are good.  This am the black and white one came out before I got out of sight to eat its breakfast.  I stopped and talked to it for a minute. There will most likely be a litter of kittens to trap this spring  and get shots and fixed. At this point, not sure which one(s) are female.  I certainly hope none of the adults have feline leukemia and have to be put down. 
Today  I plan on working on a QOV.  Don says we need to visit a shop to check for sewing machines.  The two I have to donate are taken, so looking for free or very cheap ones to fix up and donate.  I had forgotten how much I love working on these older machines. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

No Snow

The expected snow did not materialize.  It has been very windy and cold today, however.  Not a good day to be outside.  We went to Sam's early and have stayed inside most of the day.
We worked on getting the  livingroom ready to bring the Gammill in.  Got rid of the big TV and installed a wall mount type, moved the double recliner to the other side of the room.  Now to find a place for the plants and move a few other things.  It will be so good to get to quilting again.
Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The snow is starting to melt!   It's been a long time since I've seen snow cover the ground for this long.
Today is Queen Bees small group meeting.  I'm taking Quilters Stew for lunch.  Will work on my mystery quilt-clue three should get done, I hope.
We've decided to put the Gammill up in the living room.  So we are getting rid of the big old monster TV, already sold a chair and Don is going to put up shelf to sit the flat screen tv upon. 
Yesterday, we picked up a Singer 329K in a cabinet and brought home a Riccar portable that I have already serviced and have a home to send it to.
My Honda is a victim of the icy roads, having split the plastic piece behind the front bumper so it drags the ground.  We will replace it asap.
Feral cats now number four, all noticably feral.  Three are torties (one a manx) and one is black with white paws and some white on its face.  One of the torties is female and is being pursued by the boys-hmmm baby ferals coming. 
Have a blessed day, all!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Very cold today

Still lots of snow and packed snow on neighborhood streets and parking lots.  It was 5 at 8am with a little wind.

The feral cats now number three.  The biggest is a manx. One is a female and she is coming in season.  A group here in town will help me trap them in the spring. 

Since we have been kinda stuck inside, I'm busy sewing on a quilts. 
And that is about the extent of  my "exciting" life these wintery days.  Quilt guild meeting was cancelled yesterday due to weather.  Lots of folks and the kids stayed home. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

My mystery quilt

I am doing a mystery quilt on quiltingboard.com.  Will post the first two clue pics.

Update on feral cat

There are two of them.  The big one, possibly part Maine Coon, it is sooo big.  And now a smaller, black cat.  Saw their tracks in the snow and managed to catch both of them eating the cat food I put out.  That's all I can do for them as they are so feral you can't get anywhere near.  Glimpses of them in the backyard from the windows are all I can catch.


Don got to Dr. and back ok.  Snow is falling again and we may get another 3". 
I've been busy sewing all am on a mystery quilt through quiltingboard.com.  It will be a Quilt of Valor, thus red, white and blue colors.  I saw some fantastic quilts at the QOV meeting Sat.
The feral cat has made a trip through the snow and eaten up all its food.  I shall put some more out soon.  Tracks lead under the shed, but I don't know if that is where it shelters or not. 
My little dogs have decided to stay inside until May, lol.  
Hope everyone is warm and happy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its Snowing !!!

The ground is covered and we are expecting at least 4" by morning.  Don has an early Dr. appt., so we shall see if he gets a call changing it. Our neighbor put salt on the driveway and porch, bless his heart. 
Sunday school and church was good.  We raced home, grabbed a quick bite and headed for Sunflower quilt shop in Derby.  Our BOM for the FarmersWifeSampler meets there and we had a great time.  It started snowing just before we left the shop, so we were glad to get home.
It's been a busy weekend with quilt groups, so no sewing this evening.  Quilt guild is Tuesday; looking forward to that. 
Blessed evening, all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My feral cat

We have a feral cat who makes daily visits.  Cannot get anywhere near it, but it does come and eat the food I put out for it.  I do have water in the laundry room that it can access through the doggy door. Pretty big cat with long hair, mostly black with some tortie patches. I don't know whether I'll ever get to get a pic or not as it runs as soon as you open the back door.   

Good morning!

To all who might read this, have a blessed day.
Been very busy trying to get all caught up after family here for holidays.   Wash is done, decorations down and now I'm way behind on projects. 
I have sold my Singer 431G to a lady in NM; have 2 older machines ready for needy ladies; quilting a table runner for a swap exchange on quiltingboard.com; doing a mystery on same board.
This Saturday is QOV meeting and Sunday afternoon is FarmersWifeSampler BOM at Sunflower Quilts in Derby.
So I guess you could say I've melded into the Wichita quilting folks, lol. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Day

It has been a good day.  Don is 72 today and he has enjoyed his birthday.  I went to our Queen Bee quilt group for a while; took Hoppin John for lunch.
Don and I went to Augusta and I got an old sewing machine and a wonderful portable sewing table for $15.  Sewing machine will be serviced and given away. 
I hope all who read this have had a blessed day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ITS 2011

I hope everyone has  a great start to 2011.  Don and I played Frisbee Golf on the Wii and saw the new year in. 
It is only 11 here this am and will hopefully get to 33.  We will probably spend a quiet day inside, except for a trip to Sears.  Don is getting me a screwdriver he says I need for my sewing machine repair efforts.  We are currently working on an old Wards that is giving us fits with one screw. 
I signed up for a mystery quilt at "quiltingboard.com" and hope to work on that some today. 
My New Year's resolution is to get a lot  of my UFOs finished  and quilted.  We have decided to go ahead and set up the Gammill in the living room here until the new house is done.  That will leave very little space in there.