Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Warm, sunny day in Kansas

So on January 31st, it was 68 degrees and sunny!  The dogs played outside and enjoyed the warm day.  The cats all sunned most of the day.  We do have rain forecast for later in the week and we surely do need the moisture. 
As for myself, I spent most of it working on Quilts of Valor.  Had to go to the LQS and get some border and background fabric for two QOVs.  Then went to the store aned got some vinegar to set the dye in some blue and red fabrics.  Also picked up some Pine Nut Hummus for Don and a cooked chicken for supper.  We will use the rest of the chicken tomorrow in wraps. 
Tonight we watched Biggest Loser and and worked on knitting the cuff for the sock class.  
It's almost bedtime, so goodnight everyone and God Bless You!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a sunny day in Kansas

My, this week has flown by!  Let's see, did I get anything done this week???  Yes, our quilting small group got a top ready for quilting that goes to QOV and they will put another together at the  next meeting in two weeks.  And I almost have a jelly roll top ready to quilt.  Just need to find a border.
My sock class was great and I have homework for the class next week.  The Twist in Wichita is a great yarn shop to just sit and knit or crochet and visit. I did get my cuff done for a show and tell on a knitting board I belong to.  And am making a gift for my valentine swap partner on the same list.  It is half done, hope to get it finished today.
The  new cat, Stumpy, has run papacat off.  Poor guy has to sneak to get a bite to eat.  I thought I had a home for Stumpy, but it didn't work out.  Now I am on the list to get him neutered and rabies shot. Perhaps then I can find him a home.  He is a sweet cat.  And I hope to take new pics of all the  feral cats next week when it is warm and they will be more visible.
Have a blessed day, all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello everyone!!!  It is in the mid 50s here with rain moving in.  At least it is not snow and/or ice.
This has been a busy January.  Trying to get some quilting done and lots of other things.  I started a sock class at one of the local knitting shops.  It is fun so far. 
We had some mini workshops at the last quilt guild meeting.  One was on making a pon-shawl.  So since Hancocks had their heavy fleece on for 70% off, I had to make one and put some machine embroidery on it.  I really like it.
The new cat is still here and haven't found his family yet.  He causes quite a stir when he gets mad at papacat.  Time to get the gonads removed. I do not think he intends to leave.
Red went to the groomer Friday am and they put the cutest bows on her for Valentine's.  Here is a pic of both our girls.  Neither dog likes her picture taken.  Sarajane has to have all her upper teeth between the canines removed on Feb 2nd.  She just had a dental in August, but this is just so sad.  They don't know yet about her canines.  I have to put mouthwash in her mouth  every day - she hates it.
My next two blocks in the "50 Paper Pieced Blocks" by Carol Doak are done and you and see them.
I have two Quilts of Valor to get quilted as soon as I can.  I seem to always be behind-my own fault for getting into too much stuff.
Have a blessed week, everyone.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello There!!

January is just flitting by, it seems.  The weather has been just super this past week.  Today it is mostly cloudy, windy and in the mid 40s.  Could certainly be much worse.
I'm posting my second star block in the series called Alaska.  I have all the pieces cut out for the next one, but will probably not get started on it today.
We are going to start a project at church for the next several months.  In conjunction with a mission group going to Africa to see about re-opening a hospital in Mozambique, we want to make little "pillowcase" dresses and boxer shorts for the children there.  Pastor will take them with him, so shipping won't be a problem. Our youth pastor wants to involve the youth, so we will be teaching beginning sewing in this process. 
In the feral cat colony, there is a new addition.  He is an intact male that at some point has had half his tail cut off.  Since he seems to have joined the group, we shall have him neutered and rabies shots done through Friends of Felines.  This group has been so good to us in helping with the trapping of our colony.  MamaCat definitely does not like him and routinely chases him off.  Perhaps when he is neutered, she will be better to him.
I do have a quilt on the longarm that needs attention this coming week.  I'm having a little difficulty trying to decide just how to quilt it.  Think I just need to stand and look at it until something comes to my feeble brain, lol.
Have a blessed week, all.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here it is already, 2012.  Seems like last year flew by soooo fast. 
We went to church this am, no sunday school.  Had a great service.  We are joining in with other to read through the Bible this year-have to try to keep up.
Yesterday it was 66 here in Wichita, a great day!  Today it is going to be about mid 40s and sunshine.
We don't have any black-eyed peas; maybe black beans? 
I suppose I shall do some knitting, perhaps some machine embroidery and really need to get Shawn's quilt on the longarm.  I did not even remember having it to quilt-evidentally  I've had it for a few years!
I certainly hope 2012 will be a healthy year and I get lots of unfinished quilting done.  Someone is interested in the longarm, so I need to get caught up so I can sell it.
Have a blessed day, all.