Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not so hot today!

It is only 103 today after rain yesterday.  The grass has a little green here and there.
I have been working on adding emblishment to the little dog machine applique BOM and getting the machine embroidery BOM of a dragon and tattoos done for the same lady.  I had to rehoop the dragon and put the 3rd tattoo on; don't recommend that. Pics on both here. So much to learn in both processes.
We picked up a Pfaff 130 treadle in a parlor cabinet yesterday.  It was bought in Germany in the late 70s and brought back across the pond.  There is a lady in Springfield, MO who wants it or a man in NM.  Either way, I think it has a home.
I think I shall do some work on the machine embroidery  with a little picture of a gal quilting.  Small, it would make a good ornament of some kind.
Have a blessed day, all!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another hot hot day

It was 111 yesterday and hope it is a bit cooler today.  Rain possible late tonight.  We are just trying to stay inside as much as possible.  Leaves are falling from all the trees-you would think it is fall. 
Will get results from Don's sonogram hopefully tomorrow am.  Cardiologist says the front wall of his heart no longer functions and the artery that goes down the front wall is totally blocked.  So we will see what else shows up and go from there.
On the good side, my first applique - at least in many years- is done.  A little Chihuahua for a Block of the Month exchange.  Learned a lot. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


There is even a chance we will have rain!!!!  How wonderful that would be.  It was 106 here today.
Don went to a farm sale and bought  enough board feet of black walnut to trim the interior of the house including cabinets. I stayed home and detailed the inside of the Crown Victoria, since someone was coming to look at it.  But they didn't buy it.
So we are both tired.  We have to tarp the wood down and go get a Braum's twist cone (mandatory on the twist, lol)
We have been slacking on the sewing machine repair, but hope to get back on it next week.  We have an interesting older White to work on and a Necchi to get ready for someone in North OK.
Looking forward to Church tomorrow. Have a blessed day, all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another scorching day

It is 105 right now here in Wichita. Been hot so long the concrete is  starting to curl, lol.
We went to look at some black walnut wood for sale.  DH  wants to trim the interior of the house in it and there is some up for auction tomorrow.  A friend of his did this and I mean it is some georgeous trim. 
No word on the Don's test results yet. Tried to call Dr.'s office and they are closed on Fri afternoons.
Oh my, a cloud covered the sun for 8 seconds!!  Dare we hope for rain???
Hope all have a blessed evening and stay cool.        

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So far this week...

Yesterday our small group, Queen Bees, met to yak and sew.  We are planning a trip to Demoines IA in Sept.  So will not be at the Thimbleweeds fall retreat. Today Don went to Dr. to see about his fatigue symptoms.  Dr. was not happy with EKG. It shows he has had a heart attack in the last 2 years.  If his heart enzymes are up, it's straight to the heart cath lab asap.  He has appt. with cardiologist next Tues. if his enzymes are not up significantly.
We are trying to outlast the heat and not get out any more than we have to.  The yard is crunchy brown. 
I have been trying to sell my Gammill; hope it sells soon. Here are some pics.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Things are busy around here.  Got packages off to several folks, including overseas.  The Bernina sold with 24 hours of listing on CL.  No calls on the longarm, but the market is pretty small, lol.
The east side of town got a good rain but we only got 17.5 drops.  It is partly cloudy, so hopefully we get rain before the day is done.  Clouds may keep temps under 105 today.
House is coming along slowly.  With the triple digit temps, no work is done during the middle of the day. 
One of my friends in the Queen Bees group does lovely applique and I'm toying more and more with the idea of trying machine applique.  No needle turn for this gal - hands are too shot.
We went to an estate sale this am looking at sewing machines.  The two were old electrics and priced really high; as if we needed more, lol.
Now to get busy.  Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Day

Working on sewing machines today and getting stuff packed up to ship.  The Singer 66 is ready to pack for overseas.  The Bernina Bernette is up for sale on CL.  Will put aqua Singer up later and get started on refurbishing another machine. 
Yesterday, we broke a heat record at 111.  Today will probably be almost as hot if not so.  My poor flowers are struggling; have to water nightly. 
Here are pics of the 66 and Bernina.
Hope all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Nuther hot day !!!

It is now 107 at our house.  Gee what is August going to be like??  We are trying our best to stay cool.  And the water bill is going up up up.
Had to get out and mail packages, take my Janome11000 in for her upgrades, get some molasses at WalMart to soak rusted machine parts in for rust removal and also had lunch out as well.
I need to upate my pics, but just don't have the "want tos" at this point.
SaraJane, the Italian Greyhound, survived another firecracker noise holiday.  She is terrified of thunder and fireworks.  I have to go outside with her or she just freaks.  Red, the toy poodle, is not affected at all.
Since Gabby won't be back to see Na-nay until next summer - and by then we should be in the new house - I'm taking down her bed and turning that room into my sewing room-not just using part of the room for my sewing.  Oh, how nice is that!!!
Been busy the last hour or so answering questions on the Singer 401a I have for sale.  Should have a buyer today.
You all stay cool and have a blessed day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It has been sooo dry here with cracks in the yard and a struggle to keep flowers alive in 100+ temps.  Probably spoiled some folks outside activities for the holiday weekend, but they will live over it.
Tuesday I take my new Janome 11000 in for its upgrades while our small group "Queen Bees" meets.  I have been waiting to start working on embroidery projects until the upgrades are installed.  This will take the place of the longarm quilting since I'm selling my Gammill.
The feral cats are well; kittens growing fast.  We will start trapping and getting them vetted when the temps lower some. 
Found another Singer #27 treadle yesterday; it's still in the van. It is frozen up, but has more than I paid in parts to salvage.
We went to a new church today for the second time.  Tried one of the Sunday School classes and I think we are going to enjoy this one.  They are just starting a study on "How to Enjoy the Boring Parts of the Bible". I am curious how we will learn to enjoy the "begats".  The class is good about discussion and that is a plus. 
Don wants to get out and go to Sam's.  We are down to one roll of TP and he says that qualifies as a "feminine emergency".  Me, I'd rather wait until it quits raining.  We shall see who wins. 
I got school pics of Gabby this week.  Will have to post one - she is such a cutie.  All my granddaughters are pretty!