Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Nuther hot day !!!

It is now 107 at our house.  Gee what is August going to be like??  We are trying our best to stay cool.  And the water bill is going up up up.
Had to get out and mail packages, take my Janome11000 in for her upgrades, get some molasses at WalMart to soak rusted machine parts in for rust removal and also had lunch out as well.
I need to upate my pics, but just don't have the "want tos" at this point.
SaraJane, the Italian Greyhound, survived another firecracker noise holiday.  She is terrified of thunder and fireworks.  I have to go outside with her or she just freaks.  Red, the toy poodle, is not affected at all.
Since Gabby won't be back to see Na-nay until next summer - and by then we should be in the new house - I'm taking down her bed and turning that room into my sewing room-not just using part of the room for my sewing.  Oh, how nice is that!!!
Been busy the last hour or so answering questions on the Singer 401a I have for sale.  Should have a buyer today.
You all stay cool and have a blessed day.

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