Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Good Morning

It is cloudy with a few small showers this am.  We will take the rain and cooler temps gladly!
Don is doing very well after his heart cath/stint procedure last week.  He is busy trying to find the best place to buy the expensive Plavix, lol.
I finally took pics of my feral cats; two of which I can pick up.  Not the best poses, but you do what you can with these ferals. 
My sewing room is priority today with a block I need to get done and mailed for a monthly block swap.  Also need to plan what to take to the quilt retreat in NM next month.  Bought some books for Don to read and the stinker is already reading them. Oh well, a trip to the library needs to be undertaken.  He reads a books a day when he has them. 
I hope all enjoy the pics of the feral cats and have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great News!!

Don had his heart cath this am.  He had two blockages at 90 and 99%, so they did two stints.  He will come home tomorrow.  Blood pressure was really high, so they have given meds to bring that into line.
And doc says he can go to Corrales next month.
I'm very tired; been up since 3:30am.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello from hot again Kansas

Hello all!!!   Another hot hot day in Wichita.
I spent the morning out on the patio working on treadles.  Will send three on to new homes this coming weekend.
Thursday and Friday will be busy with Don's heart cath and getting back home on Friday.  At least that is what we are praying happens.  If he has to have a bypass(s) they will reschedule for surgery.
Yesterday, the feral mama cat went in for spay and rabies shot at the Kansas Humane Society.  We trapped her Sunday evening.  This coming weekend we shall try to trap the four kittens and poppa cat and have the same done to them.  The KHS sets aside this coming Sunday to spay and neuter all the felines that Friends for Felines can trap.  No more kitties here, we hope.
I have recovered from the guild retreat last week.  Had a lot of fun and even got some things accomplished.  We had a record number of ladies attend.
We need to run errands this afternoon and I hope to post pics of the retreat and the machines I am rehoming.
Have a blessed day!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been at quilt retreat during the days, at least after Don's visit to the cardio doctor.  We are having a blast; and some of us are getting something done besides talking, lol.  Today I won a t-shirt that says " My husband said I could buy all the fabric I can hide."  I know, it's only funny to quilters.
Another of those 100+ days today - and yesterday.  I surely hope the winter is not as cold as it has been hot this summer.  Perish the thought!!!
I have a brand new great granddaughter as of  Tuesday.  Danielle was born weighing 7 lbs.  She lives with her family in Houston.  That makes three great greats!!!  Am I really THAT old?????

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

It has been in the low 90s here today.  So much better than triple digits we have had.
Went to SS and Church and then came home to get a quick lunch and head on down to Sunflower Quilts in Derby for Farmer's Wife quilt group.  Had a great time. 
Tuesday we go to the cardio doc for Don.  They called and said the Dr. was not pleased with his stress test and wanted to talk to him about it.  We both know he is getting worse, so I hope the Dr. has a plan of action soon.
Tuesaday is the first day for quilt retreat, so I'm trying to find out if I can get to Hesson early enough to set up and be back in town for the Dr. appt.  So we shall see.
Have a blessed week, all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Day, all

We have clouds; rained most of the night and morning.  It was 67 around 10am!!!   What a relief from the terrible heat of past days.
Yesterday I picked up a Singer 15-75 in great condition.  Today I turned it into a treadle to use for bobbin work.  The electric components are headed overseas to a friend.
The Singer 401A is being loaned to a friend who just retired from teaching.  She wants to learn to sew and this machine is just the ticket for her-at least I think so.
Yesterday was also quilt guild day.  The guild library had a book/magazine sale and I picked up three books for $3 each.  What a buy!
It will soon be time to go get DH's pickup.  It has been in the shop for a new transmission - ugh $$$.   The clouds are still with us, but not raining at the present moment. 
Some days I just hate computers.  I have a new program associated with my Janome sewing/emb. machine and was trying to download a couple of files.  I guess what I really dislike is VISTA.  What a royal pain!!!!  Anyway, I still can't link the files to the program, thanks to Vista.   Somehow, I shall trudge on and win over the stupid vista. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Day To All

It is not 100+ right now!!!!!!     Did get to 112 yesterday.  My daughter is in town working and she says it is hotter than her hometown of Phoenix!!!  Bummer
We are awaiting the results of Don's stress test/heart pics.  Probably won't know anything until next week.
Our small group, Queen Bees, met yesterday and we made further plans for our trip to the AQS show in Des Moines next month.  Our registrations are in and hotel reservations taken care of.  We hope that Sharon's applique whimsey quilt places.
The feral cats are feeling the heat, all are slim and the kittens don't eat at noon.  We will start trapping them the end of August to neuter/spay/shots.  I need to take pics.
Don's Ford Crown Vic is going to Phoenix to my son Scott.  His '89 Ford pickup is coming here.  We have all sorts of parts to make the pu a real bad truck.  At least that is what Don says, lol.
I've spent the morning trying to learn MyThreadBox; adding my stash to the database.  I need to upgrade, but need to get an email from them so I  can register the copy I have now.  I have realized that I do not have any of the colors I need for a Christmas project.  Oh shucks!  Now I must go shopping!!   lol