Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Day, all

We have clouds; rained most of the night and morning.  It was 67 around 10am!!!   What a relief from the terrible heat of past days.
Yesterday I picked up a Singer 15-75 in great condition.  Today I turned it into a treadle to use for bobbin work.  The electric components are headed overseas to a friend.
The Singer 401A is being loaned to a friend who just retired from teaching.  She wants to learn to sew and this machine is just the ticket for her-at least I think so.
Yesterday was also quilt guild day.  The guild library had a book/magazine sale and I picked up three books for $3 each.  What a buy!
It will soon be time to go get DH's pickup.  It has been in the shop for a new transmission - ugh $$$.   The clouds are still with us, but not raining at the present moment. 
Some days I just hate computers.  I have a new program associated with my Janome sewing/emb. machine and was trying to download a couple of files.  I guess what I really dislike is VISTA.  What a royal pain!!!!  Anyway, I still can't link the files to the program, thanks to Vista.   Somehow, I shall trudge on and win over the stupid vista. 

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