Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great News!!!

When we started the testing on Don's heart, the cardio doc told us he was pretty confident that his heart had wall damage from his "event" 2 years ago and that the artery going down the front wall of his heart was completely blocked.  So yesterday he went in for his followup from the heart cath/stint procedure.  The doc said the artery he thought was totally blocked still had a trickle going through, which prevented the wall from dying.  That is one of the two arteries to get a stint.  He also said he could find no wall damage.  What great news!!  I wonder why he didn't tell us when the procedure was done; perhaps he was just very busy.  Anyway, for there to be no damage from his heart attack 2 years ago is a miracle, and we know Who does miracles!
It is 53 and windy here.  It was either the wind or the possum in the laundry room that woke me up today.  This is supposed to be our high and we should have rain moving in and drop down to 40 tonight.  It is that time of year.
The cats are not using their winter quarters, so I need to move the boxes to a location they will like better.  I would like for them be in the laundry room at night, but I really don't want the possum in there, so I shall have to close the doggy door at night. 
Have a blessed day, all

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  1. Congrats! God answers prayers. I wouldn't want a possum in my laundry room, either.