Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow it's been a long time...

..since I posted.  This month has just flown by.  My daughter says I don't post often enough so everyone can keep track in me.  I shall try to do better.

Don has recovered from his heart cath/stints episode.  The difference is truly amazing.  He hates being on pills, but realizes it is a matter of life and death for him. 

We left for New Mexico the middle of the month.  Don brought the rest of my belongings home from NM in a Uhaul and towed the Odyssey behind.  My daughter and son came over from Phoenix to help load the van.  They were a big help.  And Robin and her hubby Dave helped a lot as well.  I stayed and visited with my dear friend Robin and her hubby David.

My sis drove in from OK and we went up into the Jemez (Hummingbird Music Camp) for the fall S'mores quilt retreat.  From Thursday afternoon until noon Sunday-we had a total blast!!!  Sis  and I drove to Amarillo Sunday afternoon.  Monday am we went on to OKC and Don drove down from Wichita to pick me up and we came on home.  I went to bed at 8:50 and slept until 6am.  My bed felt sooo good.

While at retreat, I got five UFOs ready to quilt and start a strip quilt for a Chrismas present.  I really didn't spend too much money at the quilt shops in ABQ, so I only  have a couple of new projects to do.  And I'm not telling how many UFOs I still need to quilt.

So now we are trying to figure out how to fit three households into one small house.  Right now there is just a path.  Some of the big items are at the construction site of the new house. 

Today we had to go renew our car tags-stood in line forever.  And then a trip to Sam's for stuff-always needs more of that. 

So I'm behinder than before and will try to catch up on the important stuff.
Have a blessed day, all.

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