Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are home!!

After 3,547 miles, we are back home and some kind of road weary!   The Honda did great and Don did a great job of driving.

Thanksgiving was spent with Gabby, her dad and his family. 

We had a great time all week with Gabby, picking her up on Tuesday and taking her to her church on Sunday. Afterward, grandma Maryann took her on home. 
She had her first tea party with Nanay and it was really fun.  Of course, we had big hats and it was just a blast.  Our camera videoed this event.  Gabby loves computers, coloring and painting. We found the Jumpstart web site and the paint program was just what she loved.  For a four-year-old to stay engrossed for half an hour is pretty amazing.  She is also now a great dog-walker, helping walk the two little dogs with Nanay.
On Tuesday night, we attended the family night for Joe's firefighter school and had supper as well.  Quite a nice display they put on for the families. 
Today we just got out and did some errands before the rainy and mix come in for a couple of days.  I had hoped to start putting out the Christmas yard stuff, but it will have to wait for a couple of days.
It is time to get back to knitting Christmas presents.
Have a blessed evening, all.

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