Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

...finds us NOT shopping.  We have been to the park so Gabby could play, had a tea party and spent the day having fun together.  She is watching Charley Brown right now.
Yeaterday we had a great Thanksgiving meal with the McCurdy family at Tiffanie's home.  It was an enjoyable time for us.  Gabby was pretty tired and fell asleep pretty quickly once we started back to the motel. Seems like all the family had a great time wherever they were.
We have discovered she is quite the computer girl.  And she loves to color and paint.  So using Jumpstart on the computer she has found a great place to play. Her power of concentration is just amazing for a 4 year old - when she finds something she likes to do.  
Tomorrow we take Gabby to see Santa at the bookstore where Tiffany works.  We only have two more days with her before we head home and she goes back to school. This week has just flown by.  I'm so glad we had this week together.

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