Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

We had an earthquake!!

Last night just before 10pm, the whole house shook; my little Italian Greyhound totally freaked out and I was totally taken aback.  Turning on the TV, I found  out the epicenter was around Prague, OK.   Surprised yes, but frightened, no.  When my time comes to retire from this life, I know where I'm going.
Don got home from his whirlwind drive to Phoenix about 11:30am today.  He is pretty tired; and after a nap we went to Sam's and Walmart as it is going to be stormy the next two days.
The current knitting project is a winter hat for Gabby in pinks, lavenders and blues.  She is going to look very cute in it. 
The decision has been made to go spend Thanksgiving with Gabby and Joe.  It will be an interesting trip; we shall take the dogs. Then we are spending Christmas with Connie and Scott.  All of this is weather permitting as we are driving.
And Fred, the last feral kitten, did get trapped and neutered.  He came back home and was very glad to see me and his family.  Now we have the entire colony neutered/spayed and rabies shots. They  are looking so pretty in their fuzzy and shiny winter coats.
Have a blessed evening everyone!!

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  1. I've been reading about the earthquakes. I used to live in Tulsa. It's been a bad year for Oklahoma this year.