Damascus Treadle

Damascus Treadle
Sews Wonderfully!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The snow is starting to melt!   It's been a long time since I've seen snow cover the ground for this long.
Today is Queen Bees small group meeting.  I'm taking Quilters Stew for lunch.  Will work on my mystery quilt-clue three should get done, I hope.
We've decided to put the Gammill up in the living room.  So we are getting rid of the big old monster TV, already sold a chair and Don is going to put up shelf to sit the flat screen tv upon. 
Yesterday, we picked up a Singer 329K in a cabinet and brought home a Riccar portable that I have already serviced and have a home to send it to.
My Honda is a victim of the icy roads, having split the plastic piece behind the front bumper so it drags the ground.  We will replace it asap.
Feral cats now number four, all noticably feral.  Three are torties (one a manx) and one is black with white paws and some white on its face.  One of the torties is female and is being pursued by the boys-hmmm baby ferals coming. 
Have a blessed day, all!!!

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  1. Yes that IS a pretty old gal. I love the old cabinets and treadles, don't have one though.